Welcome to the AS42093.net Network
On this website you can learn about our network.

In case of emergency you should contact: +31 (0)53 8508812

PeeringDB: www.peeringdb.com/view.php?asn=42093
Smokeping: smokeping.as42093.net

Network status

There are no network issues at this moment.

Network Details

Here are some interesting tools that show different information details about our network. The tools are generated by Ripe.


The table shows every prefix that originated from our AS in the last week.

AS Path Length

The diagram shows the average length of all AS paths seen in the last week originating from our AS.

Prefix Size Distribution

This chart is returning the total amount of prefixes announced by our AS. The numbers are classified by their subnet size and IP version.

Peer and upstream distribution

Here you can see how the complete ip table has been spread out over the differt peers.